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Macode is a family-owned business and a paint rollers factory, set up in 1999 in the industrial heart of Barcelona. We manufacture paint rollers and accessories for painters. We're a paint rollers provider and wholesale supplier serving all European markets.

Proveedor de rodillos de pintura
Suministrador de rodillos de pintura
Proveedor de rodillos de pintura

The company started manufacturing high quality paint rollers with artisanal methods for the professional painter. Since the year 2000, the company became one of the pioneers in the use of an innovative and sophisticated process of thermofusion.

Also, the company initiated an industrial automation process with two aspects: on the one hand the acquisition of pre-existing machines, and on the other the implementation of a paint rollers workshop with machinery developed by the company itself thanks to the inventive ingenuity of members of the company.

Thanks to these innovations, the company experienced a growth phase, selling paint rollers to specialist stores, warehouses and professional channels throughout Spain and initiated an exporting phase introducing its paint rollers in Europe's most demanding markets.

20 years later and with over 500 active customers, the company has become one of the most remarkable companies in Europe in the manufacturing, distribution and supplying of paint rollers as well as accessories for the professional painter such as telescopic poles, buckets and paint grids...

Download the 2023 catalogue with all types of paint rollers and accessories such as telescopic poles, buckets and paint grids…



The company is exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of paint rollers and accessories for the professional painter. Macode's extensive product portfolio includes all types of paint rollers (made of natural wool, corner rollers, thermofused, case-type rollers ...) and painting accessories such as frames, pads, spare parts...


By having its ownpaint rollers factory and not being a mere intermediary, Macode has the ability to produce and manufacture special paint rollers and other products under the requirements of its customers

The company owns the necessary machinery and equipment to develop customized paint rollers suited to match and overpass the order's technical specifications. In fact, Macode has experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying special custom-made paint rollers for several industries such as the demanding aerospace industry, swimming pool manufacturers and car bodywork painting stations in automobile plants, among others.

Rigorous quality process, which allows us to certify our zero-errors policy

On-request paint rollers manufacturing, product customization

and adaptability

automated process

Proprietary equipment goods and technology developed by ourselves

Continuous research and enhancement process


Macode's paint rollers quality guarantee is synonymous with customer satisfaction, both at the distributor/wholesale channel level and the retail chain as well as at the end-user level. Macode's advantages are summarized in these 4 key points:


End-to-end quality in paint rollers, from raw materials to packaging


Competitive paint rollers and products in all markets


Fast service with short response times


Customer service with a team of multilingual advisors


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Tel. +34 938 40 46 26

MACODE C/ Industria s/n, nave 2 Pol. Ind. Pla de la Costa 08182 Sant Feliu de Codines (Barcelona) SPAIN